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In accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code, unless otherwise stipulated by the regulations of the Consumer's state of residence, products sold by the Seller and purchased by Consumers (those who buy as individuals without a Sales Tax Number) grant a 14-day right of withdrawal from the product delivery date. This right doesn't apply to purchases made by Companies or Individual Firms.

Precisely, Consumers need to send a notice of withdrawal to the email address: info@AutomationItems.com.com, providing the following details:

  •   Recipient's information [name, address, and optionally telephone number, fax number, and email addresses if available]:
  •   I/we (------) hereby declare my/our () intention to withdraw from the contract for the sale of the following goods/services
  •   Ordered on (------)/received on (------)
  •   Consumer's name
  •   Consumer's address
  •   Date

  1. 1. The permission to initiate product returns should not be interpreted as an acknowledgment of defects or inconsistencies. Any such issues must be confirmed subsequent to the return process. This confirmation is established through an examination and technical analysis of the returned product(s). This evaluation period might span from 1 to 7 business days after the goods have reached the warehouses of Epoch International LLC, provided the individual is classified as a Consumer. If the individual does not qualify as a Consumer, the assessment duration could extend from 1 to 15 days.

  2. 2. For this reason, it is advised that the Customer refrains from excessive handling of the product and limits interaction to what is absolutely essential. Additionally, the original packaging of the products should be carefully enveloped with supplementary protective materials. These added layers of packaging serve to maintain the products' integrity and shield them during transit, safeguarding them from any potential writing or labelling as well.

  3. 3. The items for which the Seller grants permission for return based on the reasons mentioned earlier should be sent back by the Customer using a carrier that offers traceable and consistently insured shipping, especially if the value exceeds €500. Alongside the returned products, a duplicate of the return authorization notice containing the designated "Return Code" must be included. The package should be directed to the subsequent address within the specified timeframe: -14 (fourteen) days from the reporting of the flaw or non-conformity.

  4. Should the examination process unveil any signs of product tampering, the Seller will regrettably be unable to reimburse the buyer's payment. The Customer will be promptly informed of this decision by the Seller.

Cancellation and Refunds

1. All orders for products are contingent upon product availability. The Site is continuously and automatically updated to ensure the utmost alignment between the Seller's stock and the indicated availability on the Site.

2. Due to various factors such as multiple simultaneous user access, potential "offline" orders, and variable product quantities based on suppliers, the site does not display real-time product quantities during ordering. Consequently, the Seller cannot guarantee the definite allocation of ordered goods.

3. For specific products subject to price promotions, the Seller retains the right to accept orders by reducing quantities. This action requires prior notice and agreement from the Customer; otherwise, the order will be treated as canceled.

4. In cases of product unavailability, the Seller reserves the right to cancel an order. The Customer will be informed via email about the non-conclusion of the contract and the reasons behind the order's cancellation. Before proceeding with a refund, the Seller may propose alternative solutions like a replacement with a similar product or another available option. The Customer must explicitly accept this proposed solution. If the replacement isn't accepted, the initially committed payment amount will be refunded, and the Customer will receive an email notification of the refund.

5. Regardless of the reason for the Seller's order cancellation, the Seller cannot be held responsible for any resulting damages.

6. Customers can also initiate order cancellations by emailing info@AutomationItems.com.com. The Seller's approval is necessary, and this option is only viable if order preparation hasn't commenced. Refunds will be made according to instructions provided by the Seller.

Cancellation can also be requested with confirmation from Epoch International LLC. The Customer will need to pay administrative management fees, costs for purchasing back-ordered components, transportation expenses, customs charges, collection and currency exchange fees (if incurred), and a variable penalty of 40% of the products' value subject to cancellation. Additional deductions apply if returned goods differ from their original condition. These costs will be communicated upon cancellation request. The cancellation is effective upon the Customer's explicit acceptance of the communicated costs. If no acknowledgement is received within 72 hours, confirmation of cancellation is considered implicit. Return shipment costs for cancelled orders exceeding €500 in value are the responsibility of the customer, and the shipment should be traceable and insured.


Damage During Shipping


If a package containing products from AutomationItems.com arrives damaged, the customer should refuse delivery by the courier. If accepted, the customer must:

  1. (i) Note the damage on the courier's delivery paper for a complaint filing by AutomationItems.com.
  2. (ii) Keep the products, original box, and packaging material received as they were delivered.
  3. (iii) Promptly inform AutomationItems.com for courier inspection and damaged product removal by emailing info@AutomationItems.com.com.

1. Upon delivery, the Customer must verify:

  • * The number of packages matches the transport document.
  • * Packaging is intact, undamaged, and with unbroken seals.

2. Any external damage or package count discrepancy must be immediately reported to the delivering courier with "withdrawal with reservation" notation. For damaged packages, note "withdrawal with reservation as the package is damaged."

3. Signing the courier's document waives objections to external package characteristics.

4. Providing an incorrect shipping address results in delays and additional shipping costs. Refunds are not possible in such cases.


Refund Process

Approved refunds will be processed based on the original payment method used during purchase.

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